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Please note, only patients with confirmed pre-booked appointments may enter the surgery. Please do not attend the surgery if you have any coronavirus symptoms or are waiting for the result of a COVID-19 test.


All patients are still required to wear a face-covering before they enter the building. This remains NHS Guidance for healthcare settings after the 19th July. For more information, please see the NHS update here

  • What is happening?
    As of the 27th March, Dr. Sinha has now retired following many years of service as a GP in the community. However, Penrose Surgery will now be providing GP services at the Maddock Way site. That means you'll be able to keep seeing a doctor at Maddock Way after Dr Sinha's retirement! To make sure you can keep seeing a GP at Maddock Way, please register below.
  • What is Penrose Surgery?
    Penrose Surgery is a nearby, highly rated GP practice. We’re a friendly, experienced team who have been seeing patients for almost 15 years (with the current partners).
  • Can I keep seeing a doctor at Maddock Way?
    Yes! Penrose Surgery GPs will now be based at Maddock Way as well as Penrose Street. All you need to do (if you haven't already) is register below.
  • Do I definitely need to re-register?
    Yes! If you were registered with Dr Sinha and you haven't yet registered elsewhere, you are now no longer registered at a GP. To continue seeing a doctor at Maddock Way, you will need to re-register with Penrose Maddock Way below.
  • Can I come to Penrose Surgery instead?
    Yes! If you fill in the registration form below, you'll be a registered patient of both Penrose Surgery and Penrose Maddock Way, so you'll be able to choose at which site you’d like to see your clinician.

For more advice and answers on the COVID-19 vaccines visit South East London Clinical Commissioning Group website

Can't find the answer to your question, give our team a call on 020 3827 5888, or by email at

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